Empty 1.5g, 3g & 8g Individual Jars & Stacks




Create your range with different size jars and 3 stacks.  All jars are clear, with sifter and security tab with glossy black lids.

3 Stack Jars for 1.5g, 3g and 8g stacks each have a base, 2 x mid sections, 3 sifters and Black Lid.

Please note: Our jar weights are based on powder weight not cream/ liquid weight.  Cream or Liquid weighs heavier than powder and often cosmetic jars are advertised under their cream gram weight.

For example:-

1.5g Powder Jar will hold approx 5g/ml Cream/Liquid

3g Powder Jar will hold approx 10g/ml Cream/Liquid

8g Powder Jar will hold approx 30g/ml Cream/Liquid

If you would like to order over 100 units, simply adjust the quantity to add the 100 unit increments up to 500 units.

If you would like 500 units or more of any of these items, please contact us to arrange a better quote!

The 3 stacks are a great addition if you would like to design seasonal colour stacks for your clients.  For example:-

Winter Eye Stack:- Suggest 1.5g Stack

M1 (Barely Beige) for an all over eye base and highlight.

M9 (Dusty Purple) for contour and colour.

M5 (Chocolate) for liner and contour depth.

Spring Blush Stack:- Suggest 3g Stack

MB2 (Bronze) for cheeks and general bronzing

MB4 (Pink) to add to the apple (front part) of cheek.

SB4 (Misty) to highlight on top of cheek bones and chest.

All In One Foundation Stack:- Suggest 8g Stack

This example is Best for Medium Skin Tones

SL2 – (Lite Neutral) – Eyeshadow Base, highlight tops of cheeks and when mixed with ‘cream mixer’, can be used as a concealer.

SM2 – (Medium Neutral) – All over foundation Base

ST2 – (Tan Medium) – For bronzing around face, cheeks and chest.  Can also be used as an eyeshadow light contour or blender.  Use on lips and add clear gloss!



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