Q: Can anyone order from your website?

A: No. We service retail businesses and professionals who have a registered ABN or relevant business registration for international customers.

Q: Can you create other colours or formulas for my brand?

A: No.  What is provided on our shopcart is our current stock range.   However, we do supply Raw Ingredients if you’d like to mix and blend your own unique formulas.

Q: Do you offer any other packaging?

A: At this stage, we are offering what is provided on the website.  The current packaging has been stability tested to suit the products and formulas we currently manufacture.  We will be introducing other packaging in the coming months.  As we do, they will be uploaded to the website.

Q:  Are there minimum order requirements?

A: Yes.  These are already stipulated in the shopcart.  Each product will show the minimum unit amounts required.

Q: Can a Sales Agent visit me?

A: If you are located within the Melbourne Victoria region Yes this service will be available commencing in May 2015. However for any customers outside of Melbourne Victoria, unfortunately this service is not available. We can only keep our costs low and extend this saving to you by not having multiple sales agents and the costs associated.  We have provided ‘Sample Packs’ in the shopcart, allowing a comprehensive ‘try before you buy’ for our entire range.

Q: Can I pick my products up from your factory to save on shipping costs?

A: No.  We are committed to the Health & Safety of our factory and the privacy of our formulations and IP.  We do not allow anyone other than our authorised production staff to enter the facility.  Our shipping system is a well oiled machine! We have worked closely with our shipping affiliates to provide an affordable, efficient and reliable shipping platform.

Q: I want to start my own brand, what information do I need on my labels?

A:  For all information about labelling and regulatory bodies within Australia – please see our article at – https://bulkbuyminerals.com/private-label-product-information/business-of-private-label/.

Q: When are you introducing lip glosses and mascara?

A: Currently we are looking into formulations, however before mascara, eye liners, lip glosses and lipsticks can be introduced they must undergo our strict testing to ensure they are able to remain stable and resist degredation/bacterial contamination from moist environments. Once we can be assured of safety and quality we will begin introducing these new products.

Q: The products aren’t labelled, how will I know which is which?

A: All prefilled and packaged products will be separated (either by plastic click bags or boxes depending upon the size of your order) and clearly marked on the outside.  The outside label will provide 1. Colour Name/Number, Ingredients, Weight.