Our Environment and PET Bottles

 All of our PET 250ml bottles are produced right here in Australia, using recycled PET.  That’s right!  The most recycled plastic material is PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate. This is because of its wide spread use in carbonated soft drinks and also its unique ability to be recycled from bottle to bottle. PET is 100% recyclable.

 Recycling uses less than 30% of the energy needed to manufacture virgin PET. Due to the worldwide demand in PET use for Carbonated Soft Drinks and other beverage, and the ease of use of PET bottle for bottle manufacturer, recycling facilities for PET far exceed any other plastic. The demand for recycled PET also ensures that the recycling rate remains high and therefore makes PET the most environmentally friendly plastic in the world.  

 So, please be sure to dispose of your bottles in the recycling bin! This way, it can come back to life in another form.

Dispensing of Pumps

Our lotion and spray pumps dispense 1 ml per pump.  Therefore, a 50ml bottle will enable 50 pumps!

Oh Man, What’s With The Liquid/Cream vs. Powder Weights?

Our loose mineral powder jar weights are based on powder weight not cream/ liquid weight.  Cream or Liquid weighs heavier than powder and often cosmetic jars are advertised under their cream gram weight.

Let’s Clear It Up….

1.5g Powder Jar =  approx 5g/ml Cream/Liquid

3g Powder Jar =  approx 10g/ml Cream/Liquid

8g Powder Jar =  approx 30g/ml Cream/Liquid


 We are specific to producing products that are nature derived, safe for our skin and that work!

  • We have a strict cruelty free policy.  No products we manufacture are tested on animals in any way.
  •  All of our products are produced using the finest quality cosmetic grade ingredients.
  •  Our mineral powders are 100 % Vegan, contain No Carmine, Talc Free, Bismuth Oxychloride Free, No Nano Particles.

You’ll find a complete listing of our ingredients in our shop cart under each individual product.  We always choose to use Australian Derived Ingredients when that option is available. 

Cosmetic Ingredients are a much contested and widely discussed topic.   Everyone has their own opinion on ingredients and what is acceptable or not for them.  The simple truth is, we’re all unique, we all react differently to different ingredients, just like food allergies!